Instructional Video's

We have made our series of instructional video's available to anyone who visits our website at no cost. We hope you enjoy them and it encourages you to book a camp with us!

Fundamental Skills

Our most popular video. This covers the basic fundamentals of setting, passing, hitting, digging, serving and blocking. It is menu driven allowing the user to select a skill and jump directly to the appropriate section. The video is suitable for coaches, players and even parents!



Volleyball Conditioning

The first half cover ideas for conditioning using the volleyball court and volleyball related activities. The second half provides the user with numerous ideas for physical conditioning within the home.


Setting Skills

Over 17 minutes of setting techniques, drills and setting systems. A perfect resource for coaches and players covering both in-system and out-of-system setting. Suitable for beginner to the more advanced coach or player.


Technical Aspects of Serving

This video provides technical information on basic overhand serving techniques leading on to jump and jump float serving, also short serving. It is ideal for both the coach, or the athlete wishing to improve and develop a variety of stronger overhand serve techniques.


Systems of Play & Serve Receive Formations

This 20 minute video covers systems of play from beginner to advanced, together with serve receive formations and team defensive systems. It is an ideal resource for the beginner to intermediate coach and can also be used to teach players correct positioning in both serve receive formations and defensive systems.


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