Matchpoint's Promotional Display used at trade shows and events throughout the country.


Powerpoint Presentation at a Matchpoint Student Athlete Recruiting Seminar.

Matchpoint Boy's Win Gold at Winterfest


Matchpoint Boys in Action showing great blocking form!

Matchpoint USAV VCAP Course

VCAP Course Attendees getting a workout with Jeanne, they didn't expect!


Women of Stone

Former Ohio State players return to St John Arena to recognize Head Coach Jim Stone's retirement after 26 years service! How many can you name????

Jeanne, firing on all cylinders - you'd better make sure you go for every ball if she is on your sideline!

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree!

Kayla, Jeanne's daughter aged 12 now 17, showing the perfect backset. Watch out for her playing in the 18's this year!!!


Better make sure Steve gets a ball if he puts his hand out!
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