Matchpoint Volleyball is looking for motivated, responsible individuals with the ability to bring their volleyball knowledge and leadership skills to our outstanding summer camp team! Camp coaches are role models for every camper. With that in mind, we select staff members for their leadership ability, knowledge and experience, strength of character, friendly personality, and a love for working with young athletes.

Matchpoint Volleyball is always looking for quality Lead Camp Coaches and Assistant Camp Coaches.

  • Do you posses strong to exceptional volleyball skills and an extensive background in volleyball?
  • Are you able to share this knowledge with young athletes?
  • Are you currently playing college volleyball and looking for summer employment?
  • Are you currently coaching at a high school level and are looking for off-season work?
  • Do you have a strong work ethic, enthusiasm, high moral values, and great interaction skills?

If you meet most or all of these criteria, then we at Matchpoint Volleyball would be interested in talking with you. Matchpoint Volleyball Camps conduct some of the top camps in the country and is only interested in hiring the best!

All summer camp applicants must:

  • Complete the printable application form.
  • Have a criminal background check conducted.
  • Travel to various camp locations. Staff can choose camps to travel to that meet their needs and limits.  Staff members who are willing to travel more can earn additional pay, depending on camp locations.

This process insures that the best qualified individuals are selected.

Please download our printable application form and camp coach availability form then mail them to the address indicated on the form. For existing staff who do not need to complete the application form please make use of the online camp coach availability form. New staff may also use this online option but must still mail us your application form.

Lead Coach
The lead coach will be responsible for communicating with the host school for correct dates, times and special requests prior to the start of each camp. They will also be responsible for planning the practice plan for the entire length of camp and sharing those plans with the assistant coach. It is the leads coach’s responsibility to manage and maximize the use of all camp staff to deliver the best possible instruction at all times.

Assistant Coach
The assistant coach will be responsible for helping the lead coach in any of the following areas: developing practice plans and/or communicating with host school. The assistant coaches are actively involved in assisting with daily instruction. The assistant coaches work to support the lead.

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