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Steve Colpus
Steve Colpus, IMPACT, CAPI, CAPII, CAP III & VCAP certified through USAV, an international FIVB II certified coach and a cadre for USAV, serves as the director of Matchpoint Volleyball. Steve is a former National Coach of the Senior and Junior Women's volleyball teams in England. He was Head Coach of the most successful women's club team in Great Britain for many years and was a member of the Ohio State University Women's volleyball coaching staff for 7 years. He is also a member of the NORCO Volleybal staff in Colorado.

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Kayla Sparks
Kayla Sparks is the President of Matchpoint Volleyball. The daughter of Steve, she is following a long line of volleyball tradition. Kayla has grown up in the gym learning the insides and outs of the game from top coaches in the nation… She is a “Natural”. Kayla started her playing career at the age of 11, playing for Matchpoint National teams until the age of 18. She has been a Matchpoint Summer Camp Coach for the past seven years providing young athletes with coaching excellence. While teaching elementary school, Kayla has continued her coaching career as the Junior Varsity Coach for Miami Trace High School and coaching various ages through USAV.

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